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Emergency Response

Critical jobs staffed optimally

Without sufficient historical data about working patterns to predict actual workload demand, Emergency Services organizations are under pressure because of low confidence levels in responding to emergency incidents or maintenance with the right resources. At risk for low productivity, low service levels and high costs, a sophisticated and configurable workforce management solution such as TeamWork 3.0 can deliver the employee scheduling, forecasting and optimization tools needed to be able to schedule the most qualified staff for the most critical job.

TeamWork 3.0
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Forecasting and Optimization
  • Shift-Bidding
  • Mobile Access using TeamWork Mobile
  • Work Management
Compliant Schedules with Optimized Work Distribution
  • Configurable project/task labor cost accounting maintains budget requirements and tracks workloads.
  • Automated employee scheduling deploys forecasts, staff plans, work or vacation bids while enforcing skills, qualifications and credentials to schedule the right employee at the right time.
  • Shift length optimization and least hours algorithms control costs and helps keep staff from working too many long shifts in a row.
  • Accommodate the needs and expectations of diverse teams while adhering to labor laws, union rules and regulations with TeamWork Mobile.
  • Capturing both time and work items performed allows management to understand the reasons for discrepancies and how to implement improvements, thereby reducing costs.