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Enterprise Configuration

Centralized management for all locations & employees

ScheduleSource TeamWork is an enterprise system; it supports any number of employees at any number of locations, and the entire organizational structure can be replicated in ScheduleSource for the purpose of controlling user access, customizing group reports, deploying employees and managing groups of locations as a set.

Strong security controls ensure that the Enterprise Administrators of the system have complete visibility into, and control over, the user experience for every user in the system. Using configurable roles, every employee, scheduler, time administrator or manager can be given access to their specific functionality, and only for their specific employees or locations.

The enterprise level Qualifications and Credentials Management System monitors and controls employee skills to ensure that expiring credentials are alerted, and that un-qualified employees are not scheduled without Scheduler notification and review.

The Enterprise system provides a unique Enterprise Portal where all of the organizations rules, roles, employees, locations and location settings are managed. In addition, the enterprise reports system provides the ScheduleSource Reports Designer at the enterprise level. In this system any report can be designed and deployed to any location or group.

The Enterprise Management System is the ideal portal for building, configuring and managing your entire enterprise Workforce Management System.

Enterprise Configuration
  • Create and manage locations
  • Create and manage your organizational hierarchy
  • Onboard, assign, manage and deploy employees
  • Create and manage roles, rules, job types and skills
Enterprise Manager Tools
  • Custom reports designer
  • Deploy any report to any group
  • -Total visibility into all Employee data in one place
  • Enterprise forecasting/modeling management
Enterprise Integrations
  • External HR systems for Employee onboarding
  • Accrual systems for leave management
  • Data sources for Forecasting
  • Training systems for credentials
  • Data warehouse support