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Health Care

Maximizing care with optimized staffing

Hospitals, clinic groups, home healthcare dispatchers and other health practitioners depend on their people to deliver outstanding patient care while making use of healthcare resources in a cost-effective way. All healthcare organizations need a way to handle not only scheduling issues, but must also make sure that the qualified healthcare personnel is matched with the needs of the patient group to which they are assigned. Making sure that happens often contributes to high costs in overtime hours if historical data and workforce optimization tools are unavailable. Even more true for hospitals and home healthcare dispatchers, increasing patient care means effectively scheduling the right staff, at the right time with the right credentials.

With shortages of both nurses and doctors, healthcare organizations must be able to offer more flexible working times and conditions to improve morale, reduce turnover and increase staff recruitment and retention.

TeamWork 3.0
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Forecasting and Optimization
  • Shift-Bidding
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Leave Management
TeamWork Mobile
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Interactive functionality from any smartphone
  • Post, swap and claim schedules
  • Self-service for diverse and mobile workforces
Maximized Employee Satisfaction & Optimized Coverage
  • Save on number of staff hours scheduled.
  • Reduce number of overtime hours scheduled.
  • Improve the morale of healthcare staff and reduce turnover by optimizing schedules and accommodating staff’s individual working time preferences, leave and vacation requests and assigning staff to a patient group where their skills will be utilized more effectively.
  • Reduce staffing gaps based on historical data.
  • Maximize the power, skills and expectations of your workforce through robust shift bidding features including configurable shift bids, easy online access, real-time simulation, multi-dimensional bidding, notification alerts, schedule visibility and full reporting of the details and scheduling results.
  • Allow staff to interact with the scheduling and shift bidding tools through any smartphone thereby increasing convenience, communication and wait times for completing and approving mission-critical scheduling requirements.