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Labor Forecasting

Use multiple streams of demand data to generate forecasts

For many employers, understanding labor demand and optimizing workforce assignment is a constant challenge. Historical demand variables such as customer traffic patterns, patient loads or call center call history provide the input for the creation of the baseline staffing forecasts necessary to produce, optimize and publish a staffing plan and schedule that optimizes customer satisfaction levels and minimizes labor costs.

ScheduleSource Forecasting provides the data management and modeling tools necessary to model your labor requirements from any demand data source based on parameters you control.

  • Accepts raw demand data or pre-processed summaries
  • Forecast data processing resident in the application
  • Manual “headcount staffing” utility for quick planning
  • Forecasts can be enterprise-wide or location-specific
  • Shift length optimization to 15 minutes
  • Job type optimization to forecasts
  • Least hours algorithms control costs
  • Delivers un-assigned “templates” to Scheduler

As actual demand data emerges over time, the system provides powerful tools for adapting staff plans and schedules to changing conditions. The ScheduleSource Forecasting and Optimization System provides a complete set of tools to manage both planning from historical data and schedule tuning from emergent data in a seamless system that is fully integrated with the Scheduling System.

  • Optimized staffing templates drop into schedules
  • Templates are re-usable
  • Templates may be combined with other templates
  • Staff assignments can be made in templates or schedules
Change Management
  • Scheduler easily accesses changes in forecasts
  • When Understaffed: The system will automatically build new shifts to cover gaps
  • When Overstaffed: Requires Scheduler review for call-offs
  • All changes are fully audit-able