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Mobile Access

Empower Your Employees to View and Swap Schedules “On the Go”

TeamWork Mobile is the first interactive, intuitive mobile site that facilitates workforce scheduling by delivering “on-the-go” employee self-service. Now you can provide a fully interactive functionality that enables your employees to quickly and easily view schedules, check for available shifts and trade shifts directly from a mobile device. No more phone calls, emails, text messages---no more waiting to find out if you have the right people, in the right place at the right time.

TeamWork Mobile transforms and accelerates the time-consuming and error-prone process of updating and managing changing workforce schedules by shifting the process from your manager to your employees. By enabling workers to view their schedules in real time and be included in the scheduling process, you can improve employee engagement and satisfaction while controlling labor and administrative costs. Just imagine! By empowering workers to self-manage their schedules using TeamWork Mobile, you can dramatically reduce the administrative burden pertaining to schedule changes and free your management team to focus on strategic priorities and long-term goals.

TeamWork Mobile delivers!
  • Empower employees with the ability to self-schedule
  • Cut costs and avoid overtime expenses
  • Eliminate messy slips of paper, phone calls and text messages
  • Reclaim valuable time
  • Increase employee productivity, satisfaction and retention
  • Accommodate the needs and expectations of virtual and diverse workforces
  • All while adhering to labor laws, union rules and regulations.

TeamWork Mobile is the answer to how businesses tackle one of their most time-consuming tasks. TeamWork mobile delivers fully interactive functionality, allowing employees to interact with schedules and shift swap boards directly from mobile devices. With online swapping, once a schedule is published, employees can easily see which hours are available and sign up for them, eliminating the need for managers to sort through spreadsheets, field staff inquiries and cover forgotten shifts.

The intuitive, easy-to-use TeamWork Mobile application is available to all iPhone users and as well as other web-enabled smart-phones including Android and Blackberry devices. TeamWork Mobile integrates with the ScheduleSource TeamWork Workforce Management Solution, so shift requests automatically follow an organization's defined business rules as well as any set employee schedules and defined skill profiles.

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