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February 1, 2011

Mobile Workforce Management Application Launched

ScheduleSource releases a smartphone-centric mobile Workforce Management Application.

ScheduleSource today launched its smartphone-centric mobile Workforce Management Applications. This browser independent system puts scheduling, leave, time/attendance and work management functionality directly onto your employees most used device. Smartphones are the fastest growing segment of the communications industry, and getting workforce management functionality deployed to that environment will provide profound benefits for employers and employees alike.

“We are especially committed to making the entire employee self service experience available to employees on any device. This has tremendous benefits for employers as well, as their workforce can now access schedules, request leave, monitor notifications, swap shifts and, for mobile workers, can clock on to work shifts directly from the phone”, says Scott Hammers, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of ScheduleSource.

Mobile applications for workforce management will particularly benefit mobile workers such as home healthcare providers, dispatched workers or others who routinely work from the road.

“But the mobile experience is an enhancement for any user of the system”, says Hammers. “In today’s dynamic staffing environment work opportunities often change or emerge in response to changing conditions. This system gives employees in those types of jobs a new set of tools to help them better manage their work lives while giving employers new levels of access to the workforce to support their ongoing change management needs.”

“ScheduleSource was the first “Software as a Service” provider in the industry, and we are proud to be at the vanguard in deploying this critical Mobile Application enhancement.”

About ScheduleSource
Founded in 1999, ScheduleSource pioneered the first Software-as-a-Service Workforce Management System and now provides both hosted and installed systems for staffing, scheduling, time/attendance and work item management. The company’s mission is to deliver complete, focused and configurable workforce management systems that provide exceptional return on investment. ScheduleSource TeamWork scales to support any size organization, from a 25-person local library to the most dynamic multi-site, multi-national or high-mobility organizations employing 20,000 employees and more. In addition, robust employee self-service and mobile tools create a new level of collaboration across the organization. ScheduleSource has helped users in hundreds of private and public-sector organizations gain a new level of control over, and visibility into, the staffing and scheduling of employees and work. The TeamWork hosted system recently logged its 65 millionth shift! Based in the heart of the technology corridor between Denver and Boulder, CO, ScheduleSource enjoys exceptional relationships with its customers and takes great pleasure in delighting them every day.