Responsive Support

We believe that an app is only as good as the customer support that is provided. At ScheduleSource our support team is standing by for immediate help with support issues from 9:00 AM Eastern time to 5:00 Pacific time. For a critical impact event that is defined by a loss of service, we are available 24x7x365 to answer your call.

We think you deserve same day service on your support issues and we strive to meet that goal with each customer. Our helpdesk logs your issue into a support ticket that goes to all support team members for resolution. Over ninety percent of our support tickets are resolved the same day that the ticket is created.

ScheduleSource does not outsource support. Your support ticket will be assigned to, and addressed by an in-house ScheduleSource team member. All ScheduleSource support team members have over ten years of dealing with support issues and can solve most issues in a matter of minutes. We think our customers deserve no less than this level of support.

Happy Employees

Managing the list of employees and changing shifts is simple and saves us so much time each week. Employees have also been happy with how easy it is to enter their availability and love having their own personal work schedule when they sign on to their accounts. With a short 10-minute training session our workers were ready to use the system.