3 Workforce Management Must-haves When Credentials Are Critical

Industries reliant on a fully trained, certified, qualified or otherwise credentialed workforce are some of the hardest to schedule.

Don’t get stuck with holes in your schedule, or, worse yet, shifts filled with employees unqualified or not compliant with your specific regulations. Make sure your workforce management system can do the following.


Even if no specific qualification or credential is required, completion of specialized training may be necessary to ensure competency for particular roles, locations or shifts.

If your workforce management software doesn’t support mapping of training requirements to specific job types, you’re likely wasting a lot of time trying to manage that process by hand.

Look for a system that allows you to load your unique training requirements and manage it all against specific employees, for qualification purposes, or against any specific job station as a core requirement enforced in schedules.


Matching the requirements and regulations of each individual shift to employees who are not only trained but up-to-date-on that training can be impossibly overwhelming. Especially for operations that involve state or federal law, union rules or regularly expiring credentials.

Look for a system capable of continuously monitoring credentials that have certifications, qualifications that do not require certification, and all expiration or renewals dates. Automation here is key. No one wants to have to login and skim through these or check dates employee-by-employee.

Insist on a system that will:

  • Automatically alert you to renewal requirements
  • Protect the integrity of schedules by locking out unqualified employees
  • Track the completion of training classes and certification programs
  • Track completion of prerequisites
  • Allow anecdotal qualification validation by a manager


While automation is critical when it comes to building efficiencies, responsiveness is equally important for real-time enforcement across schedules and time tracking systems. For complete control and oversight of any “soft skill” requirements, look for job “shadowing” capabilities where performance can be monitored and an employee’s ability to perform a job can be validated.

With the right supporting technology that is both robust and flexible, managing complex workforces and staying compliant in highly regulated spaces doesn’t have to take up all of your time, energy and budget.

How else you can better support your people? Find out.