Time & Attendance

Manage your team’s time and money. Simply.

TeamWork’s enterprise Time & Attendance is robust enough to support any number of employees working at any number of locations and is used by organizations large and small around the world.

Set pay rules and labor cost accounting. Capture time via digital kiosk or online time card. Deploy facial recognition for clock access control security. And integrate it all with the schedule for continuous, real-time “absent/on” visibility and precise payroll accuracy.

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  • Real-time timesheet visibility
  • Enforce schedules, flag attendance issues and calculate custom differentials
  • Unique pay rules fully applied to timesheets for payroll export
  • Clock and lock time sheets for a single payroll submission
  • Labor cost accounting linked to project, task or activity
  • Flexible time capture by clocking or time card
  • Automate stakeholder reporting

Pay Rules &
Timesheet submission

Time is captured and automatically tagged to match your labor cost accounting system, matching actual time with cost codes. Then TeamWork processes it all, applying overtime, shift differentials or other applicable rules.

Just view, edit, and approve, and TeamWork converts everything into a payroll-ready file. All historical data is managed based on your specific retention policy, so you always have the access, auditability and reporting capabilities you need.

Get Smart About Scheduling

We’ve scheduled about 200 million shifts in some of the most complex industries by combining data and human intelligence to solve the toughest workforce management challenges. Getting smart about scheduling means empowering employees and delivering bottom-line results, simply. We’re ready. Are you? Contact us today to find out.

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