Solutions for Higher Education

Workforce management is a unique challenge at colleges and universities. Full-time, part-time and student employees staff a wide variety of services, from classroom instruction to computer labs, food service facilities, libraries and events. Balancing employee needs with union rules and staffing requirements is delicate and time-consuming.

The answer? TeamWork, by ScheduleSource. Dozens of higher learning institutions have deployed the scheduling and workforce management solution to empower employees, ensure optimal staffing levels and reduce administrative burdens.

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  • Empower employees to self-manage assignments and shifts, accelerating the process of updating ever-changing schedules.
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction while controlling labor and administrative costs.
  • Free managers from non-value-add work and free them to focus on core objectives.
  • Easily communicate changes and updates to staff over a variety of channels.
  • Effortlessly comply with union rules and regulations.
  • Improve employee morale and productivity while eliminating excess labor costs.

TeamWork has saved me about a whole day of work per week. I was using different software before but it wasn't nearly as automated as I needed. It was so difficult, I was almost ready to go back to pencil and paper. Then I discovered TeamWork.

Get Smart About Scheduling

We’ve scheduled about 200 million shifts in some of the most complex industries by combining data and human intelligence to solve the toughest workforce management challenges. Getting smart about scheduling means empowering employees and delivering bottom-line results, simply. We’re ready. Are you? Contact us today to find out.

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