Forecasting & Optimization


Your goal in staff planning is to optimize the workforce against expected or historical demand in a best cost, best fit, skills compliant way.

For data driven forecasting, the system let's you import any type of labor demand data and transform that data into staffing models that you create and adjust as desired.

For continuously evolving demand scenarios the system can allow for continuous import and modeling of updated demand data that is then compared to existing forecasts to provide clear and actionable intelligence on how to adjust existing schedules to meet changing demand.


The proprietary optimization algorithms running in TeamWork Forecasting and Optimization fully decompose the headcount plan in accordance with rules you set to create a scheduling template shift set that fully meets your expected demand.

Since it enforces your rules for shift length and staff the resulting product is optimized as a "least hours" schedule that ensures your team is fully able to meet the requirements of your organization.

Whatever the level of complexity of your unique forecasting requirement, ScheduleSource TeamWork is available and configurable to provide optimization that meets your requirements.

Very Happy!

We have been very happy with the web based scheduling program provided by ScheduleSource. It has given our department flexibility in scheduling that allows us to adapt to the changing needs of our anesthesiologists.

Reduce cost and increase efficiency with optimized staffing plans.