Shift & Vacation Bidding

Organizations that rely on bidding to allocate work, vacations, job reassignments and promotions to vacancies have extraordinary challenges.

It is a challenging process and one that must be done right.

The TeamWork Bidding System puts the entire process on-line, gives every employee complete visibility into the process and gives the bid coordinator total oversight into the planning of bids, the selection process and the deployment of bids into schedules.

Bid Board

Organizations with complex bidding requirements also often have the need to individually bid out special case work items such as individual emergent shifts, shifts where the incumbent has left the organization or overtime shifts that have to be assigned in accordance with seniority rules. The bid board provides access to all employees to any shifts that are available but require seniority based allocation. It provides exceptional visibility into emergent work and ensures that the allocation process is fully in accord with your work policy or union agreements.

Good Communicators

We own licenses to hundreds of software packages and this is the only one that I know of where the programmers actually call me to tell me about new things they are working on.

Move to online bidding with custom rules for rounds and seniority.