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  • Complex scheduling can be high stress and high risk.
  • Tap into the power of TeamWork and create complicated shift plans that work for everyone—without all the headaches.
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Staff Scheduling

Get a fully optimized schedule that includes staffing plans, bid results, manual adjustments and any other requirements for any period—in literally minutes.

Locations in different regions with onerous regulations? Multiple unions? Constant emergency needs? Tons of independent contractors? Complicated shift or vacation bidding rules? All of the above?

TeamWork is ready. Any situation. Any set of business rules.

  • Built—and automated—on your business requirements
  • Employee-empowering Swap Board with complete rule enforcement
  • Coverage via skills and credentials made simple
  • Total visibility for employees and management alike
  • Instant access to every data element
  • Always compliant and always complete
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Shift & Vacation Bidding

One of the most complicated and time-consuming parts of workforce management is employee bidding. TeamWork makes the whole process quick, easy and compliant.

Manage collective schedule bidding for huge teams with just a few clicks. Set any vacation bidding rules you want including blackout periods, quotas and maximum/minimum limits. Let teams bid on open or overtime shifts and don't worry about whether they have the right qualifications.

TeamWork does the work--and captures it all.

  • Match skills and seniority to schedule needs automatically
  • Bidding that's transparent and fair
  • Complex rotations and credentials requirements, controlled
  • Bid outcomes available in the schedule instantly
  • Fully documented and auditable
  • Custom bidding solutions for unique teams
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Shift Swapping

Purely automated schedule optimization algorithms can only go so far, plus you want your team to work together. Why not let them?

Tap into the power of your team to organically create shift plans that work for everyone with an enterprise Swap Board and employee self-service portal that keep your schedules in line with business rules every time.

TeamWorks lets teams swap, trade, bid and be happy.

  • Drastically reduce scheduler effort
  • Mitigate call-outs and no-show
  • Improve morale and retention
  • Create a highly collaborative team
  • Make changes for cross-location or virtual teams easy
  • Always compliant and always complete
  • Keep trades compliant with role or location requirements
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Time & Attendance

Finally, time and attendance tracking that’s fully integrated with schedules so you never have worry about absences leaving you short-staffed. Fill empty shifts fast, as soon as there's a no-show.

Tired of matching time and pay rules by hand? TeamWork also captures every employee's hours by actual time and cost code, then applies overtime, shift differentials and more.

  • Achieve agile absence management
  • Easily enforce attendance
  • See activity and time exceptions instantly
  • Unique and individually editable timesheets
  • Use clock kiosks, digital time cards—or both
  • Secure with facial recognition tech
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Leave Management

Leave, vacation and other absence requests don't have to derail your schedules.

Give large, complex teams the work-life balance they need while keeping your schedules full and functional without spending all your time figuring it out.

Let TeamWork do the heavy lifting and keep conflicts from controlling your life.

  • Single hub for leave management
  • Automatically ID and eliminate conflicts
  • Access request status and balances
  • Bidding that matches business rules
  • Clear, auditable history
  • Integrate with attendance and accounting
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Alerts & Messaging

Asking your workforce to look up changes is a recipe for inefficiencies and errors, especially with large, widespread or completely virtual teams.

TeamWork centralizes workforce communication and collaboration with alerts, notifications, messaging and more, keeping everyone in the know. So you can handle on-the-fly scheduling with minimal oversight.

Turn your team into an nimble, responsive network, the TeamWork way.

  • Achieve an agile workforce
  • Communicate consistently
  • Activate self-service scheduling
  • Make changes faster
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Enterprise Workforce Management

Really managing a workforce optimally goes well beyond simply building schedules. What your back-office administration looks like can be the difference between a process that grinds to a halt or one that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Built with the most challenging kinds of workforces in mind, TeamWork offers enterprise tools that simplify and speed everything from recruiting, hiring and onboarding to credentials managements and customizable, automated reporting. And everything is auditable. Everything.

Front-end or back-end, your workforce management will always be efficient, integrated and seamless.

  • Integrate admin and scheduling
  • Hire based on actual needs
  • Schedule new employees, error free
  • Comprehensive credentials management
  • Flexible reporting
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Solutions For

Higher Education

Dozens of higher learning institutions have deployed TeamWork’s scheduling and workforce management solution to empower employees, ensure optimal staffing levels and reduce administrative burdens.

Solutions For


When patient care relies on having the right people in the right place at the right time, there is no room for scheduling errors. Master mandated staffing levels including nurse-to-patient ratios, manage float pools, reduce unwanted OT, and meet regulatory and union requirements with just a few clicks. All while keeping the preferences of both medical and non-medical staff in mind. Alerts ensure only qualified personnel are scheduled and manual changes abide by any unique restrictions or limitations.

Solutions For

Government & Law Enforcement

TeamWork delivers the tools public sector entities need to optimize staffing levels, raise employee morale and keep lines of communication open wide. With TeamWork, administrative burdens go down and levels of service go up.

Solutions For

Private Security

Complex, multi-location scheduling plus strict state, federal and client regulations makes workforce management for private security companies especially challenging. TeamWork simplifies the scheduling, ensures officer certifications are up-to-date, keeps everything completely compliant and let’s you audit and report on it all.

Solutions For


Airlines and other transportation service providers work on some of the tightest timelines and budgets. Scheduling errors and even delays in such a climate can be disastrous. Organize and optimize every team with just a few clicks, from ground operations to pilots, automatically taking into into consideration skills, qualifications and union rules. All while empowering your employees with bidding, swapping and self-scheduling that is always compliant, every time.

Solutions For

Virtual Workforce

TeamWork makes it possible to schedule and manage a flexible, nimble virtual workforce efficiently and effectively no matter the business case. With TeamWork, communication, collaboration and morale go up and the administrative burden goes down.

Get Smart About Scheduling

We’ve scheduled about 200 million shifts in some of the most complex industries by combining data and human intelligence to solve the toughest workforce management challenges. Getting smart about scheduling means empowering employees and delivering bottom-line results, simply. We’re ready. Are you? Contact us today to find out.

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