Staff Scheduling

TeamWork delivers total visibility, configurability, compliance, and ease of use whether you’re managing long-term staffing or day-to-day adjustments.

Integrated, Flexible, Dynamic Scheduling

TeamWork gives you complete control of not only who, what, where and when but how your schedules are built and maintained—from published planning documents to real-time, actionable activity control.

  • Business-driven scheduling based on your rules and requirements
  • Scheduling based on locations, positions, clients and/or credentials
  • Swap Board with complete rule enforcement means no shift unfulfilled
  • Real-time coverage analysis versus data-driven thresholds

Whatever the complexity of your real-time scheduling and forecasting needs, TeamWork just works. And all schedule transaction information including shift creation, bids and swaps, substitutions or any other changes are all captured in a history log and are available for audit.

Happy Customers

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