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ScheduleSource provides both online and on-site training for new users.

Becoming Experts

Hands-on, collaborative training is essential to ensure that learners gain a comprehensive understanding of TeamWork and its functionalities.

Here's a typical training course outline:

  • Introduction to TeamWork
    • Overview of the software's history and development.
    • Explanation of the software's key features, capabilities, and data elements.
    • Demonstration of the software's user interface.
  • Getting Started
    • Configuration settings and best practices.
    • Navigating the software's main menu and interface.
    • How to create data elements and deployments.
  • Core Functionality
    • In-depth exploration of the software's core features.
    • Hands-on exercises and examples.
    • Tips and shortcuts for efficient use.
  • Customization and Settings
    • Personalizing the software for individual or organizational needs.
    • Customizing preferences, settings, and templates.
    • Exploring advanced configuration options.
  • Advanced Features
    • More advanced functionalities and tools.
    • Use cases and scenarios for advanced features.
    • How to input, import, and export data.
    • Practical exercises to reinforce learning.
  • Conclusion and Feedback
    • Summarize key takeaways from the training.
    • Encourage learners to provide feedback on the training content and delivery.
    • Provide additional resources for further learning, such as reference guides, online forums, or advanced training opportunities.

Our trainers look forward to helping you team become experts at TeamWork!

Happy Customers

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