Enterprise Workforce Management

Don’t just push paper, support your people.

TeamWork is not just scheduling software—it’s an operational toolset that gives you complete control over workforce management administration.

TeamWork centralizes your supervisory decision making, employee activity management and all the back-office responsibilities involved in keeping a workforce running smoothly, efficiently and fully optimized by requirements and budgets.

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  • Centralized workforce management administration
  • Hiring tied to specific workforce and schedule needs
  • Speeds onboarding
  • Reduces new employee scheduling errors
  • Credentials management that's always secure and accurate
  • Keeps schedules compliant
  • Comprehensive report design and deployment system
  • Full set of ready-to-use everyday reports
  • Completely auditable everything

Hire, Report, Audit—All in One Spot

Recruit, hire and onboard new employees completely within the TeamWork system. Use the form and survey builder to customize application forms before posting listings to your website. Create job requisitions, gather and manage applications, deploy new hires and put them on the schedule fast, all from directly within the app.

Enterprise credentials management keeps your schedule compliant at all times. Map training requirements to job types, set automated scheduling rules, and be confident you’ll never schedule employees with expired certifications again. TeamWork continuously monitors certifications and qualifications to protect the integrity of your schedules.

Reporting is as simple or sophisticated as you want. TeamWork comes with the most common reports, pre-built and ready for use, and enables complete, enterprise report customization. Create any report, from any data, for any period, and drill in as deep as you want. Then automate it.

Auditable everything means you have total oversight of all transactions in TeamWork including bidding, swaps, schedules, time entries, corrections and more. Conduct deep analysis of employee or union grievances with absolute assurance that any transaction or decision point can be revisited and reviewed.

TeamWork has saved me about a whole day of work per week. I was using different software before but it wasn't nearly as automated as I needed. It was so difficult, I was almost ready to go back to pencil and paper. Then I discovered TeamWork.

Get Smart About Scheduling

We’ve scheduled about 200 million shifts in some of the most complex industries by combining data and human intelligence to solve the toughest workforce management challenges. Getting smart about scheduling means empowering employees and delivering bottom-line results, simply. We’re ready. Are you? Contact us today to find out.

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